A Successful Musician

My name is Kartik Chandrashekhar Revannavar. I am from India. I have a bachelors degree in information technology from Mumbai university. I worked as a senior systems engineer at Infosys ltd for 2.7 years. I recently left my job and have come to Dubai to pursue sound engineering from SAE institute. So this will be my second degree. Music and singing are my passion so that is why I have taken a big risk of switching my career.

The way I see myself ten years ahead of now is not something I often think about as I am a “Go with the flow” kind of a guy. Ten years is certainly a long time, I would be 36 years old by then. But yes in ten years time, I would like to see myself as an established successful musician and singer in the Bollywood industry. It is difficult to switch to a completely different field but I am going to achieve this through pure determination and hard work. Singing is what I can do but I want to learn to create, record and mix music too. So for the next couple of years I will strive to gain knowledge about music, mastering my skills on the nuances of music. One can never stop learning, so that is what I will continue to do. Although music is my passion there are many inspirations in the form of people whom I would like to address here. My first inspiration is Mr Sonu Nigam who is my idol and whom I have been following dearly. He is a very popular playback singer in the Bollywood industry (Vijayakar, 2013).  Then there is the famous musician Mr A R Rahman who has produced wonderful music over the years (Mathai, 2009). I want to achieve success as these personalities have done. I would like to work with them and produce good music. I would like to work with people in the music industry to gain experience on every aspect of music. Gradually, I would take up responsibilities and aim to fulfill them fruitfully. I want to entertain people with the music that I create and the effort that I put into it. I want to give the audience something that they will love and will be interested in listening to me and respect me. Recognition is something I aspire to have for the work that I will produce. In 10 years time hopefully I would be able to open my own recording studio and hope that the risk I have taken now will be worth it.




Mathai, K. (2009) A R. Rahman: The musical storm. India: Penguin Group USA.

Vijayakar, R. (2013) ‘The role of a song in a Hindi film Rajiv Vijayakar’, 2(3), pp. 48–73.

2 thoughts on “A Successful Musician

  1. Keep faith in you, Confidence , hard work and dedication is your success.. hope you have taken right decision and I am quite sure about you’ll succeed … my best wishes and blessings …
    God bless beta 👍


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