Peaceful Workspace

When it comes to workspace I prefer it to be peaceful where I can do my best and productive work. It should be quiet, free of obstacles and distractions. The working environment should be such that I would love to come everyday and do my work peacefully and productively. Also, it should be very well organized (Roberts, 2010). This is what I think about my workspace mentally.

Now I would like to share some experiences about my workspace in Infosys Ltd(Subramanian et al., 2008) where I worked for 2.7 years. My workspace here was a shared workspace with four cubicles in one workspace. As you can see in the images below, there are four cubicles for four people. This is where we create websites for our clients. In such a workspace if you have colleagues from the same project, it is an added advantage as you can work together and help each other though each one has a different task. If you have virtual training you can attend it together. You can engage in a call together. It is important to have good people around you who are cooperative. A good working environment is very useful and required. But sometimes you have people from different projects in the same workspace. People bring their friends and make noises while cracking jokes and tend to disturb you. So sometimes it would be better to have a separate cubicle to avoid any disturbance as in Image 3. The Chairs in the images are sometimes not good enough as it may cause back problems to some people. So this is where I think an improvement can be made by replacing those chairs to comfortable ones. Another improvement would be regarding space. As you can see in Image 1, the cubicles are little compact with each other. In Image 2, the space is little more as compared to Image 1.


Image 1(Self-clicked)


Image 2(Self-clicked)


Image 3 (Image source:

After serving for almost 3 years in the IT industry I found out that this is not my cup of tea, coding is not meant for me. So I decided to switch from IT industry to Audio industry. So my future workspace in the audio industry will be a recording studio. Initially I would like to work in a studio and work with other musicians, learn the etiquettes that are required in a studio as well as gain knowledge on every aspect of working in a recording studio. A sound working environment is what I would like to have around me. Eventually I would love to have my own fully-equipped recording studio. A recording studio, which consists of good people around and a place where I would be happy to work everyday productively.


                                           Image 4(Image Source:


                              Image 5(Image Source:



Roberts, C.M. (2010) The dissertation journey: A practical and comprehensive guide to planning, writing, and defending your dissertation. 2nd edn. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

Subramanian, R., Singh, T., Misra, R. and Jayachandran, C. (2008) ‘Infosys technologies limited: The global talent program’, Asian Case Research Journal, 12(02), pp. 249–273. doi: 10.1142/s0218927508001126.



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