Visual Learner

Learning is something which you cannot stop doing in your entire life. It starts from your birth and stops when you die(Anning & Edwards, 1999). It’s a constant process and continues throughout your life(Payne, E., & Whittaker, L. , 2006). At every stage of your life, you get to learn new things. You learn from your parents who are your first teachers, you learn from your teachers, you learn from your friends, you learn from animals and the most important thing is that you learn from yourself.

When it comes to me I am a visual learner. I tend to learn by watching how things work. For example, while in a class when the tutor is teaching me something or any person is giving me some kind of knowledge, I have a habit of noting things down in my book and then later going through it visually. This helps me understand and remember the concepts better. I like to create concrete models which provides presentation to my mind in the form of an idea or image(Zapalska & Dabb, 2002). Internet provides a lot of information so its very easy to find any content over the internet. It provides me the visual presentation in the form of text, image and video. I would like to mention about another example of my visual learning. I love to play and watch soccer so I learnt this beautiful game by watching players play on television. I learnt by observing their feet movements, passing of the ball and the shooting technique. By telling this I don’t mean to say that I imitate them, i just learnt how to play soccer. I recently learned to roll cable wires, playback a song using a mixer and pro tools and set up a microphone stand in a professional way by observing my tutors doing it. So observing things visually helps me a lot in learning.



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