Strengths And Weaknesses

People should have a better clue of what their strengths and weaknesses are, in order to lead a good life. People who lack knowledge of their own strengths and weaknesses are likely to find it difficult to adjust to a different set of circumstances and balance their own learning in them(Pintrich, 2002). It is important to be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses in order to know what goals are pragmatic that you have in your life and how to accomplish them successfully. Different people have their own perspectives regarding their strengths and weaknesses. Some people tend to build on their strengths and ignore the weaknesses while some concentrate more on their weaknesses to improve the most rather than on their strengths. The most strengths-focused culture is in the United States Of America, with 41% of people focusing on strengths(Buckingham & Clifton, 2001). According to me we can build on our strengths but what if weaknesses show up, so it is the weaknesses that require the most attention. Fear of weaknesses conceal our conviction in our strengths. If you know your weaknesses you can make an effort to improve yourself and lead a successful life.


My strengths as a visual learner is that I visualize a concept and note them down which helps me in remembering things whenever i see them again. I have a good memory, so I am really good at remembering things. I can remember the images and the situations that I have experienced. I can remember the dialogues of a movie once i have watched it. I have an ability of imagining situations. I learn by watching and reading, so internet and computers are paradise for me. Another strength that I have is my observation power. I can observe and learn things(Learned Soccer by observing players). I can learn or study things by myself or with the help of one other person which makes me an introverted reflective learner(Lawrence, 2015). I avoid working in groups unless it is a group project.


Unfortunately I have my weaknesses, who doesn’t? I am a slow learner. I grasp things slowly and I take time to understand things which involves a lot of thinking. I have some good listening skills but still in a class I might miss out on some of the points given by the tutor. I might struggle with listening to directions and the data that is not written out. I can improve this weakness by carefully listening to the tutor and jotting down the points in a notebook which I can refer to later. While in class I have a problem of not asking the tutor if I have any doubts about a particular topic. Sometimes I don’t participate actively. Well, I can improve it by being more proactive and start asking questions to my tutors if I get stuck somewhere. Well, these are some of the weaknesses that I have and hope to improve on them.

Currently I am studying Audio Engineering at SAE Institute, Dubai. There are many resources available in my institute which will help me in achieving my goals. My tutors are very supportive and they provide a lot of information. They guide us in a proper way which is very helpful. They help us remain positive. Then there are lots of learning resources on the online portal of our institute which help us prepare for our assessments. Since I am studying audio engineering, eventually I will be working in a recording studio. So we have good studios in our institute where we can learn every aspect of working in a studio. We have good quality equipments for recording a mix. We have industry standards software to work on. We are surrounded by good people in the institute who make life easy for you.



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