A Fruitful Completion

Talking about the completion of CIU(Critical Thinking In Creative Media) unit, I would like to complete this unit prosperously without any backlogs. My target would be a smooth execution of this unit without any distractions. I will make sure that I complete my assignments on time without any delays. I will plan to complete things productively by reflecting my efforts on completing the work that has been given to me. I will make sure that I don’t miss the lectures. I will be aiming to achieve high distinction in my assessments. I will put all my determination and efforts to achieve success in this unit. Following the instructions given by the tutor is very important because they guide you towards the right path and help you in any way possible. They provide timely feedback so it is important to not miss any of the classes and that’s exactly what i will follow. Upon completion of this unit I hope that I have learnt something productive. I will also carry out adequate amount of research in order to get an in-depth knowledge about topics related to my major.

The CIU unit is definitely going to help me in achieving my goals in the media industry. I will be working in an audio industry as audio engineering is my major. Audio is a creative domain industry(Hracs, 2012). In any creative domain you require good literary and communication skills. There will be interaction with many people, in my case with musicians so effective communication is required(Hargie, 1996). CIU unit will help me with this. It will help me improve my communication skills , presentation skills. It is improving my writing skills as well, which is an added advantage. In order to have good business in the audio industry you are required to communicate well with the clients. I hope that I will benefit from this unit and have a wonderful career ahead.



Hargie, O. (Ed.). (1996). The handbook of communication skills (2nd ed.). London, Angleterre: Routledge.

Hracs, B. J. (2012). A creative industry in transition: The rise of Digitally driven independent music production. Growth and Change43(3), 442–461. doi:10.1111/j.1468-2257.2012.00593.x



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