Social Media And Your Career

I have a pretty good social media presence. I have many social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Soundcloud. Every social media has its importance. I use Facebook for personal reasons as well as to showcase my works. Facebook is a good platform to show your work out there. Soundcloud is completely related to my musical works and it is specific to it. Instagram is all about pictures and twitter is for personal use as well. LinkedIn is a social media which is more professional. LinkedIn helps you find people who are related to your industry. You can make important connections using LinkedIn and Facebook as well. These are good platforms for you to get recognized in the world full of competitions. These tools are free as well and eliminate expenses such as long distance telephone calls. How you present yourself online also matters. People give you an honest feedback and you can win many fans over social media. You get recognized for the work that you have done.

Social media has good networking potential. It provides us the ability to connect with people who have a good experience in our industry. You can interact with professionals not only from your country but from other countries as well. You can learn and get a lot of information from them. These interactions add importance to your career growth and progress. Social media helps you to put your knowledge to use and get your work online. Social media helps you in brand building and awareness personally and professionally. The most important advantage of social media is that it allows users to reach the desired information rapidly. Social media reduces face to face interactions. Due to its interactive communication functions, and features it can become a secure communication channel for crime organization(Issa, Isaias, & Kommers, 2016). Social media has to be a very carefully curated version of yourself(Licht, 2015). You have to be cautious about what you post online and make sure it doesn’t offend anyone. For example, Do not post offensive photos or comments and if you are working in an organization, do not leak private information(Harwood, College, & Rawlings, 2012). Here is an example of social media mishaps- Columnist and author, Shobhaa de posted an insulting tweet on Indian Olympians in Rio de Janeiro which wasn’t received well and was criticized by fellow athletes and celebrities as well(Desk, 2016).

For Social media to be a success, you first need to analyze your existing media, then focus on blogging, microblogging, and social networks, then integrate these strategies, find resources and finally implement these strategies(Safko, 2012). Social media have become a  resource for hiring managers who turn to their network to fill positions(Waldman, 2013). In Conclusion, Social media can be helpful in developing good networks in a positive way and it is important to use it in a proper way without misusing it, but it prevents people from improving their cognitive level and affects their social and physical aspects in a negative manner. So social media has its own positives and negatives.



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