Music Genre

The genre refers to a specific type or an expressive style of a music. There are many musical genres such as rock, metal, country, jazz, blues, pop, hip-hop/rap etc. Music genres are often associated with categories of people, but these associations change over time(Brackett, 2016). Every country has its own set of genre followers and different kinds of music are being played all around the world. According to Spotify, its most popular genre has been metal(Katzowitz, 2015). In 2015, Spotify created a live musical map of the world by analyzing nearly 20 billion tracks and the result showed that Hip-hop was the most listened to genre in the world(Hooton, 2013).

Rock tops the list for the most preferred genre in America(Resnikoff, 2016). In the early 1950s, there were only three major genres in American popular music(Jazz, Blues/ R & B, Country), and then Rock and roll revolution caused major changes in the American music life(Holt, 2008). In the early 1960s, Country music was more popular than ever before but lost its soul due to the rock and roll and corporate industry’s growing engagement in it. This engagement played an important role in the genre’s move away from its folk basis in southern working class awareness and toward urban middle-class pop(Holt, 2008).

Then there is Indi-pop music which refers to the famous Indian pop music which ruled the nineties in India(Andersen,2007). It began to emerge as an alternative to film(Bollywood) music which ultimately became the mainstream music in India. Indi-pop music declined by the end of the 2000s with the film music completely dominating now. So genres are an essential part of music culture- fundamental both to musical practice and experience and to the social organization of musical life.



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