Music Scene In India

Indians love their music. Music is a vital part of their lives here. The success of every party, wedding or any special occasion includes music without which it is incomplete. People listen to fast music in order to be alert and concentrate better and some listen to soft calm, low tempo music to reduce tension and relax their mind(“Releasing Stress Through the Power of Music | Counseling Services | University of Nevada, Reno”, 2017). It depends on the mood as well. There are many types of music that have their own importance in India. Classical music is the oldest form that is present here which dates back to the age of Vedas (Nettl, Turino, Wong, & Rommen, 2011).

Due to its diversity, many languages are spoken in India, so music is also diverse here and every part of India has its own folk music that is styled according to the traditions of that region. Folk music has notably reshaped the identity of the Hindustani music (Manuel, 1993).Then there is the Indi-Pop music which dominated the 90’s era in India. Indi-Pop music has broken musical boundaries across the world thus winning a huge fan following all over the world (Booth & Shope, 2013).

Film(Bollywood) music is the one that is dominating now and has become mainstream in the Indian music industry. Music in India reached its greatest heights during the nineties. Indi-Pop emerged as an alternative to Bollywood music. The rise of the Indi-Pop was mercurial, but it soon fatigued the listeners with some mediocre and substandard music albums and eventually was taken over by Bollywood music and a new era of Remix, Hip-Hop and Rap music began to take its place in the Indian music industry.



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