Electronic Music

Electronic music refers to music that highlights the use of electronic musical instruments or electronic music technology as a foremost aspect of the sound of the music. It is usually made by using a computer, by synthesizing or processing digital audio signals(Puckette, 2007). Historically, electronic music was considered to be any music created with the utilization of electronic musical instruments or electronic processing, but in present times, that distinction has been lost because of almost all recorded music today, and a large number of live music performances, depend on the considerable use of electronics(“Electronic music — Listen free at Last.fm”, 2017).

Electronic music began with the origination of new electronic instruments, even though they were generally seen as novelties or curiosities and a good example of it is apparently the first truly electronic instrument, the singing arc, invented by William Duddell in 1899, which used the sounds emitted by carbon arc lamps(Collins, & Escrivan Rincón, 2007).

Some artists have used electronic music in their tracks other the original stuff they do. For example, Ed Sheeran’s new direction is a bit of a divergence from his original style. His two newest tracks “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill”, suggest that he’s exploring more electronic inspirations. “Shape of You” is a particularly distinct contrast to the singer’s natural wistful style. Taking on a synth-oriented melodic arrangement paired with dancehall-inspired rhythms, Sheeran has given out lyrics following a topic graced often in the pop world: being drawn to the body of his object of affection(Hernandez, 2017).

“Castle on the Hill” also follows a particularly softer layout more similar to what Sheeran’s created before, yet its overall vibe feels more Bastille than what we’ve heard in the past(Hernandez, 2017). Even rock bands such as Coldplay are collaborating with Pop/EDM duo like The Chainsmokers. Both are fusing their respective styles on the new single “Something Just Like This”, four minutes of brisk EDM grooves and widescreen arena-pop hooks(“Chainsmokers, Coldplay Meld Styles on New Song”, 2017). Chris Martin sings about looking for an ordinary love, not somebody with some superhuman gifts, some fairy tale bliss as gassy synth pads swell into a massive chorus. Throughout, the frontman exhibits his vocal range, building from a low croon to a higher octave yelp and the guitarist Jonny Buckland offers a signature, swirling guitar solo at the track’s climax.



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