Semester 3

Semester 3 was different as compared to the previous two semesters. The semester started slowly initially, but from week 8, it started picking up. The experience was different this time with no actual assignments, but some learning outcomes to be ticked off. The project this time was a little more challenging than the previous two semesters, which included three songs with some electronic music in it. It was a group of four(Quadra) working on three singles(two covers and one original).



The recordings were done in the SSL(Solid State Logic) studio. Ableton live 9 was used for electronic music production. ProTools 12 was used for editing and mixing. This semester, it was a good experience knowing about the SSL desk which was complicated initially, but once you get used to it, it is easy to use. Many different recording techniques were taught this semester such as the Glyn Johns drum recording technique which is a combination of stereo overheads, close microphones on each drum, as well as room microphones(“The Glyn Johns Drum Recording Method – Recording Revolution”, 2011), and other guitar and vocal recording techniques as well.

Ear training exercises were held which were very helpful. The collaboration was done with the games students, providing them with foley sounds and recording dialogues as well for their game. This was a new thing to do and it was fun and they were completely satisfied with what they got. Guidance and feedback were provided at regular intervals. Time management was a key step in successfully completing this project as managing time is important for good quality of life(Croft, 1996), contributes to less stress and enhances the performance of any project(Forsyth, 2010). Another contributing factor was effective communication between the members as it helps to complete the tasks on time(Angelo, 2014).

Problems were faced during the execution of this project such as artists didn’t turn up. The drummer who was supposed to play for the original song didn’t come with no reply to messages. The same day a guy passed by the studio with a snare in his hand and he turned out to be a drummer which worked out for the original song and he was kind enough to play for this song. It was a mere coincidence for him to pass by the studio on the same day when the drummer who was supposed to play didn’t turn up.


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2 thoughts on “Semester 3

  1. I really enjoyed all three of your tracks yesterday during showcase Kartik. My favorite is still “Red in Red”.
    You sing very nice in it, not your typical style I feel.

    Keep up the good work


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