S6 Console

The Avid S6 console was introduced this semester(sem 4) particularly for doing post-production. This control surface works exclusively with ProTools and uses a ProTools controller-console(Saltzman, 2017).  S6 leverages the best of the industry-leading ICON and System 5 product families, providing superior user-friendly and intelligent studio control. S6 is built on proven technology, trusted by top audio professionals, so the creation of the best sounding mixes is possible and faster. With the new Dolby Atmos integration, it delivers the most immersive audio experience to audiences(“S6 | Avid | Pro Tools”, 2017).ae171be99737ef1f044c5e1739f245ba.jpg

  Avid S6 Console

Its modular design sets the Avid S6 apart from other major control surfaces. Not only does this allow you to create custom layouts to meet your present needs, it also lets you buy small and expand your system both horizontally and vertically as your needs increase(“Avid S6 | Sweetwater”, 2017). In addition to Pro Tools, you can mix tracks from Logic, Cubase, and other DAWs. And it’s not just one DAW at a time, you can mix and match channels from different DAWs side by side on the surface. There is no need to stand up to reach that far-flung fader. The S6 puts every knob, button, and fader within easy reach, notably increasing your workflow.

Each S6 control surface system is built from a sequence of networkable control modules, which work together to deliver you with the options, workflow, and overall layout that your work demands(“Avid S6 | Sweetwater”, 2017). It has various modules such as a master touch module, master automation module. Then it has a fader module, a process module, one or two knob modules, and an optional display module.



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S6 | Avid | Pro Tools. (2017). Avid.com. Retrieved 10 August 2017, from http://www.avid.com/products/pro-tools-s6


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